Hey, Im Wini welcome to my site. I started my journey into fitness and wellbeing 5 years ago after the birth of my third son. Cooking and food have always been a hugely important part of my life and combined with a love of running I returned to college to undertake a MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science to understand how food can nourish and fuel your body so it can reach its optimum performance. I competed in my first half marathon when I was 41 and my passion was ignited . Since then I’ve gone on to run two Dublin Marathons and compete in 5 Triathlons. Here I will share food recipes and tips for healthy living to help you reach your goals.


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Beetroot & Nitrates

Not only is it a beautiful sweet tasting vegetable Beetroot boasts performance enhancing qualities. Beets contain large amounts of inorganic nitrates with studies suggesting that improvements have been measured by ingesting 300ml or one shot of concentrated beet juice! New research from a study conducted by the University in Northumbria proposed that beetroot helps muscles recover faster after intense exercise. Good news for athletes


Nuts about Nuts 

Nuts contain lots of nutrients and good fats and offer many health benefits. They are high in protein and Iron and are good for your heart health and help lower bad cholesterol and boost your immune system and should be part of your daily routine. However if your goal is to lose weight have them as a small snack as they are high in calories!



Looking forward to 2019 and sharing with you all an exciting challenge that will kick start your new year and get you on the right track feeling revived and energised. check back in January for more details…